What Hacker-Island.com represents....

We DO NOT represent the following:
  • We are not a helpdesk to answer your daily PC problems,
  • We are not an education center wanting to certify you,
  • We are not a company who wants to secure your box,
  • We are not a  corporate entity looking to or for franchise,
  • We are not a group dealing with illegal materials,
  • We are not Anonymous, we have a face and names
We DO represent the following:
  • ITSEC Professionals
  • Independent researchers
  • Reverse engineers
  • Pentesters
 Are you looking to learn as you explore  beyond what you are learning now. This is an opportunity to join others in the industry and play in differently configured "labs" or environments as we refer to them as. These labs are by membership only and will be evaluated by the community based on many factors.
 The basic investment required for access is extremely attractive with the retrospect of what you gain access to. However you absolutely must have a viable plan to succeed as you go. There is absolutly no security offered in this arena.
 Individuals can be harmed and there is a NO-HOLDS-BARED attitude which is maintained in our environment.
    Use extreme caution while connected to these network(s)
                                [*] ATTENTION --- THIS IS AN UNRESTRICTED WARZONE! --- ATTENTION [*]
  • You can invest any amount of time you wish 0 to 24 hrs. per day if you so desire.
  • You will be a disassociated entity and can explore other networks as you progress.
  • You are encouraged to join any network you wish inside the environment.
  • You  can colab with friends in many tribes, while inside the environment
  • You can mingle with the brightest minds in their discipline and learn from their examples.
  • You can earn an actual income while participating in the reward and bounty programs..
 We are looking for smart persons in the industry for this network. People just like you,  Many oppritunities await you within our environment and who know's, you just might make life long connections if you have not already.
 If you think you have what it takes, feel free to contact us to ask any questions and start your reqistration process today!
        We will be waiting ....
                email us: admin"'at'"hacker-island'"dot'"com
                                      Quote: "Research is the key to unlock knowledge"