Lesson - 1

How to ask for help "properly" - This can be expanded across all platforms and software - to include your daily life situations

If all the resources obvious to you like rtfm and google and asking friends have give no help then asking for help in public maybe required -
Asking for help in person is very different then electronic forums and requires a bit more context and structure  - 
Below I have listed 3 common ways people ask for help:

    1.  Stupid way:

           help! I cant get this to work ...
    2.  Smarter way:

            App(version) produced seg fault while processing large data store on a OS(version)

    3.  Smartest way:

        App(version) on OS(version) -- seg faults on large data store

The obvious first path will only lead you to getting flamed and insulted by comments like RTFM or LMGTFU and other variants will come as expected - 

The smarter way will get you a bit more information or willingness to assist due to the information your providing and the construct of the questions - 
The less a person whom is assisting you has to question or guess your specific problem the faster your question is answered -

The smartest way is just a more minimalistic approach utilizing a better structure of the required information required to describe the issue - 
No individual wants to spend time on long drawn out questions which could be explained in a simplistic manner -